About us

We are an established manufacturer with over 30 years experience. We have a range of CNC lathes and various other machines.

We make a range of motorbike parts, power parers, Philipson Pulleys and we can also make a vast range of parts.

Form follows Function
Always design with tooling in mind


  • All machines run on the latest CAM software.
  • Full CAD/CAM Facilities.
  • DXF compatible.


CNC lathes

Pratt & Whitney CNC lathe

capacity: 300mm diam x 1200mm

Manurhin CNC lathe

capacity: 20mm diam x 300mm
Magazine bar feeder


capacity: 32mm diam x 150mm
Magazine bar feeder

CNC Bridgeport mill

capacity: 600 x 300 x 130mm
Bandit controller



We also have

We also have quite a range of other equipment, including:

  • manual lathes,
  • a surface grinder,
  • radial drill and
  • power presses.
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